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Dry Clean Concepts offers customizable dry cleaning business options to fit your location's specific needs. We do not operate through "Packages." Like a finely tailored suit perfectly fits your body, only a tailored business plan can truly fit your business.

When you start planning your dry cleaning location from the ground up, you will not have to redesign your business on opening day. Save yourself the headache and build your business on a solid foundation. Through our 40 years of first-hand experience balancing efficiency, production capabilities, and expected volumes, we know where to put stores, how large they should be, and what kind of equipment will be necessary. We also know how to train people on the use and operation of the equipment and the business itself.


The equipment doesn't make the business—you do. And now you have someone to rely on from conception, to realization, through fruition.

Because of the wide range of services we offer, your dry cleaning business will be practically recession-proof. Rather than relying on convenience, we make our locations a destination by drawing on an expansive demographic area, through a broad base. Plus, since your business is not part of a franchise, you keep 100% of your profits.

See how we can craft your personalized approach.

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