Our Clients

Read through some of our success stories and testimonials, and see the difference a personal, tailored business approach can make when it is based on solid, first-hand expertise.

"I wanted to be involved in a business where problems could be solved before I went home at the end of the day. With the help of Dry Clean Concepts I now experience great independence... Dry Clean Concepts has helped me start a new, successful career. We couldn't have done it without Aaron. Everything he told us is either right on schedule or ahead of projections."

— Don S.

"My previous career involved long hours, and my income was mostly based on my personal hourly production. I decided if I was going to go into business, I should do it at an early age while I still had time to grow a successful organization... Dry Clean Concepts has been great. Aaron is extremely dedicated to his customers. We were about to sign a lease when Aaron found what he knew to be a superior location. He took a risk by demanding that we switch locations at the last minute. His understanding of retail real estate has made us even more successful."

— Howard S.